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Mary Menacho

Begin Again

“Always we begin again.”*

I love these encouraging words for our community and for myself as we launch 2017 at Trinity School.

  • For our children, beginning again requires patience as we
  • Wake up earlier than maybe we have been
  • Connect again with friends and those we are learning to tolerate
  • Embrace learning that gives us joy
  • Stay curious and open minded about the efforts that are hard for us
  • Reclaim comfort in the routines and opportunities of school life

For all of us, beginning again encourages humility for ourselves. May we set aside the expectations we have built up. May we resist the “Shoulds” and “Musts” that pepper our brains and breath deeply into the present, letting now be the freedom of beginning again.

We are enough and we are loved. We can afford to begin again.


*“Always we begin again” wrote St. Benedict some 1500 years ago as part of the “rules” that defined the Benedictine order. In the 700’s Charlemagne had the rule copied and distributed. It shaped much of the rule of law in medieval Europe. If you are interested in learning more about the contemporary gifts from St. Benedict, check out the brief and inviting small book, Always We Begin Again by John McQuiston II.
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