Kim Thacker

G3 Takes on the Pacific Garbage Patch

Praying for the Pacific Garbage Patch to get smaller, go away, or get cleaned up is a frequent chapel prayer at Trinity School.

When Grade 3 voted on the Pacific Garbage Patch as their STLT project, they commented that everyone already knows about it and already knows that they should use less plastic and not litter.  This led into a great discussion about how we know lots of things like this, but don’t act on them all of the time because they are inconvenient or we don’t think about them.

We talked about how we could remind students how important this is and convince them that it was enough of a priority to overcome the inconvenience of using a reusable container or stopping play to pick up a piece of plastic litter.

Grade 3 students and STLT took the project in several different directions:

  • Showing our school the amount of litter we produce
  • Skits and posters focusing on not littering
  • Videos and keynotes educating the school about facts about the Pacific Garbage Patch
  • Research and donating Penny Panic money to technologies that are helping to clean it up.

Students picked up litter with Kindergarten buddies and created art showing litter in different areas around school, what we throw away in one day, and what gets forgotten when we eat.

Here are their reflections:

  • We collected our trash over four weeks, we found most of it at the lunch tables and on the ground. This was trash that wasn’t put in trash cans and would have blown away as litter.
  • If we tried to make sure trash wouldn’t get out of garbage cans, maybe there would be less litter.
  • How could we prevent all this litter?
  • What do you think we as a whole school can do to help the environment from litter and pollution?
  • We were surprised that there were so many pencils and small pieces of plastic outside the classrooms and in the areas where we play.
  • What could you do to help there be less litter around school?
  • The trash that we used here came from one lunch at Trinity School. We made a don’t litter sign to tell people to stop littering with the power or posters. We also made an airhorn to represent warning for extinction.
  • We found a lot of things related to snack and lunch. That includes tings like yogurts and twix wrappers. We even found an uneaten twix bar. This is not good because plastic is killing a lot of animals.
  • We have to stop littering when we don’t see trash cans and make sure that our trash gets IN the trash can. How could we work on having less trash?


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