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Mary Menacho

Community – Our Gift to Our Children

I see it in your faces. I love it in your children.

The tangible goodwill we hold for each other creates the school world our children thrive in as this year begins.


Are you new to the Trinity School community? Welcome to you and your family. May you feel and be fully comfortable and actuated within this community. I see your desire to further connect and enjoy the good company of this community. Hooray! Everyone at Trinity School wants you to feel and know that your ideas and your good help is welcome, welcome, welcome.


Here you will find the full menu of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. We want to welcome and include each family in just the right ways.


Wordlessly we teach our children how to be and how to relate to each other through what we do and say. Here is what I see among us that is so strong:

  • The inclusive ways we greet and draw each other into conversation.

  • The care and respect we show each other’s perspectives and needs.

  • The ways we each bring our talents, time, and treasure to Trinity School.

These ways and more wordlessly teach our children how to be, how to relate to each other. There is joy and purpose among us as we launch this year. May it carry us!


With the goodwill and the helping hands of each adult, parent, and personnel we weave the strong community web that teaches our children well.


Thank you,


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