Mary Menacho

Voice and Resilience

“Trinity gives each child a voice.” These strong words open our School’s mission statement. Day by day, activity by activity, teachers live out these words in their interactions with students. Teachers’ work with students is not only to give them a voice per se, but to give children the tools to persist, to take responsibility, to have agency in their school life and community. How does this happen? Teachers, and indeed all of the Trinity personnel – but most especially lead and support teachers…
Respect the humanity of each child by
  • Listening to students’ ideas
  • Helping students frame their issues/questions/interests through questions
  • Directing students to needed human and material resources
  • Ensuring students have the skills to use those resources
  • Finding the delight in children’s personalities, interactions and ideas
  • Lifting up student progress and accomplishments in our school culture
Then children/students have the confidence to take action on their ideas, to keep trying and to support each other.
It is this cycle of respect leaning into good actions for which I am heartily grateful. I invite you to share that gratitude with a smile, a warm greeting, a good word in this season.
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