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Chopped Party

 Every year, there are parties for the benefit (our school’s fundraiser). This year, Ms. Neuenfeldt, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Roybal put on a Chopped Party. We got to make our own recipe for the chosen food.

Our main focuses were; 

  • Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Flavor
  • Teamwork.

It was super fun, so I want to tell you a little bit about it.

Challenge 1: Pizza

Our first challenge was to make a pizza using the four main focuses. We had 30 minutes to make the best pizza we could with the items provided. Everyone had really creative ideas and delicious looking pizzas. Once we were done cooking the pizzas, we got to give Ms. Neuenfeldt, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Roybal “ the judges” a slice.  We explained about our pizzas and got to try some of ours too.

These are a couple pizzas some of us made.

Challenge 2: Cookies

The second challenge was to make a delicious cookie in 30 minutes. Many of us added things into the batter to bake it even better. For example, Chocolate chips or M&Ms.

  • My friend Caroline was really creative and squished strawberries to get the juice into the cookie giving it a strawberry taste. I chose to make a marble cookie by making mine half chocolate, half vanilla.

When we baked the cookies, we put them in for longer. Last challenge, we got a tip from the judges that the pizzas should have been cooked for a little bit longer. We applied it to our cookies. Doing this made them even more delicious. Here are some pictures of the cookies we baked.

Thank you Ms. Neuenfeldt, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Roybal for hosting such a great cooking party!

By, Eliza, Grade 3

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