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Mary Menacho

Thank you from Mary

My years at Trinity School have been a blessing to me.

Loving children into their best selves is the mission we live out through the trust of parents, outstanding academic and school personnel, a committed board of trustees, and the faith of Trinity and St. Bede’s Churches. Thank you for your part in making this so. Thank you for this life-changing place and time for me to lead a beautiful school for young learners.

I have loved these beautiful spaces for learning, the beautiful face of our community, and deep commitment of every staff member, the joy and the kerfuffles of every child, the purposeful good humor, and intelligence of our choices. To quote my mother, who always gets it right, “The episodes of life are like the best book you’ve ever read. And every book ends.” As I finger the back cover of this book that is Trinity, I close it gently and savor the goodness, the rightness of all it contains before setting it down for others to pick up.


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