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Matt Allio

The Summer Institute and Professional Development….in Anticipation for Opening Day

As the children prepare for Opening Day on Thursday, so do the faculty at Trinity School.  Over the past two months…….

“Participating in the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute ( has been, by far, the most powerful experience I’ve had in 20 years as a teacher.  I know it will have a profound and positive impact on my students and their understanding of civil rights.”  Nancy Palmer, Grade 5 Teacher

“I attended the Google Next conference in San Francisco in July.  We’ve been using Google Apps for more than 9 years and understanding the Apps allows our students to be more productive and our school to be more effective administratively and collaboratively.”  Pal Thinnappan, Director of IT

“We gained valuable insights into the Reading and Writing Workshop programs at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Using this knowledge, we coached and collaborated with our Trinity colleagues on the principles and methodologies during our Summer Institute.”  Emily Wong, Kindergarten Teacher; Linda Rutherford, Grade 1 Teacher; Ali Steele, Grade 4 Teacher

“The Early Childhood Education Conference at Crescent Park School reinvigorated our commitment to designing intentional and inviting learning environments, inside and outside, for our students.”  Sue Krishna, Lower Campus Director

“Through my participation in the National Association of Independent School’s Fellowship for Aspiring Heads, I have had the opportunity to examine some of the critical issues schools are facing now and will be in the future. With my cohort, I am working on an actionable research project focused on the impact of governance on diversifying school leadership. We will present our findings at the NAIS national conference in March 2019.”  Katy Roybal, Director of Educational Technology and Innovation.

“Professional development is essential to ensure teachers stay current with best practices and continue to grow as learners themselves.  From summer professional development through the threads that run through the Summer Institute, the Trinity faculty comes together as a team to continue the critical conversations that serve as a catalyst for enhanced learning for the students.”  Colette McWilliams, Academic Dean

From where I sit, teaching takes tremendous output.  In order to be our best as teachers, to provide the students the optimal learning experiences they deserve and desire, we need quality input.  As you read from Katy, Sue, Ali, Linda, Emily, Pal, Nancy, and Colette, this is precisely what happened over the last 2 months in their own growth and development.  From early childhood education, technology, reading and writing, leadership, social studies, this is what happens at Trinity over the summer, during the Summer Institute, and throughout the school year.

Having just completed my first Summer Institute (a two-week intensive program of professional development which started on August 13) at Trinity, it was instructive and inspiring to be an integral part of a learning community that prizes professional growth and development.  The generosity of our families in contributing to the Faculty Venture Grants and the deliberate and intentional budgeting that takes place through the Chief Financial Officer (Mo-Lan Chan) and the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees, enables this essential growth.

I’m certainly looking forward to Opening Day on Thursday.


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