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The Talent Show Is Coming!!

The Trinity School Talent Show is coming up on Friday, January 25th.

Who: The talent show is for kids at Trinity who want to prepare an act. You don’t have to go up on stage if you don’t want to, and you will just be part of the audience. Unfortunately, the talent show is no parents allowed due to kids being shy, but there will be a video of the talent show that gets sent out to the parents.


What: The talent show is where kids can show off their cool acts and talents right here at trinity!


When: The talent show will take place in the great hall from xx:xx to xx:xx on Jan, 25th, this Friday.


Where: The talent show will take place in the Great Hall on Upper Campus.


Why: Trinity does this to give kids a chance to share more about their interests and talents.


Other important information: You can do anything for your talent, but remember, you only have a minute and a half. Make sure your act is short. The fifth graders will host the talent show and include entertainment in between talents. Also, the day of the talent show is free dress, but if you have a delicate costume, please bring it in a bag and wear normal free dress for the rest of the day.


We look forward to seeing your cool talents!

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