Story by an Early Childhood Student

Thumbelina as drawn by a Transitional Kindergarten Student

​This week, one of our Transitional Kindergarten students told us a story…

“Once upon a time, Thumbelina was very excited because she went on a trip and they got there very fast. The trip was so beautiful because Thumbelina’s bed was so pretty. And then in the morning, they ate breakfast and they lived happily ever after because they went to a party ball- that’s a fancy ball where you wear pretty dresses and a veil and some make-up.
The End”

This story was written in cursive.

This story so beautifully highlights how emergent literacy comes alive in our classrooms. The child’s voice is heard loud and clear… her words have meaning and therefore must be documented…her words were combined with representation- an important component of visual literacy (just look at Thumbelina with all her make-up!) 

Children in their emergent literacy phase sample and learn from a full range of multiple sounds, words, concepts, images, stories, exposure to print, literacy materials, and just plain talk. It is crucial to validate, encourage and document this process to offer children the confidence to grow in their abilities.

Sue Krishna, Lower Campus Director

Examples of emergent literacy in our classroom:

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