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Siblings at Trinity

At Trinity, a lot of kids here have siblings. Eliza and Jay are a pair of siblings that help each other out all the time. One of our recent Trinity Zine articles is by Jay and Eliza. This is great because Eliza participated with Jay in one of his ideas even though it may not have been something she liked. That’s being a good sibling. 

See the video here:


Anya and Rafae are another pair of siblings that made a video at the end of 2018. They collaborated and mixed their interests to make a video about joining a new school. This is an example of how close siblings can be. 

See their video here:

Jacob and Emma are another pair of siblings that are always together and having fun. Jacob is always supporting Emma in whatever way he can. Emma loves her brother and shows it affectionately. They sometimes get into arguments but still consider each other best friends. 


All of these siblings defy the stereotypes and make a small impact on the Trinity School community. Can you think of any more pairs of siblings?


By Anya, Grade 5

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