Kim Thacker

Trinity Still Helps Big

By Kim Thacker, Service Learning Coordinator


Trinity students, parents, and staff were excited to organize and participate in Trinity’s very first Big Help Day, a day of serving and giving to people in need in our community.

As we prepared, I was continually impressed by the tremendous amount of time given by our parent organizers, the students who came to help prepare at recess times, the many families who signed up to participate and donate, and student leaders creating presentations to lead in chapel. Anticipated activities included: assembling lunches for people experiencing homelessness, preparing and serving dinner to families in Life Moves transitional housing shelter, having a crafts party for kids in the transitional shelter, creating cards and collecting food for low income elderly through Samaritan House, assembling kits of toiletries and making cards for deployed troops through Operation Care and Comfort, removing invasive species and planting native through Grassroots Ecology, and putting together activity kits and cards for kids at Stanford Children’s Hospital.  Whew!  We plan big!


Unfortunately, as you all know, we sadly had to cancel the actual day.  However, it was less than 24 hours before Trinity’s community came together to reshape some of the activities so we could still help big!

Food Drive
​Despite their own needs to stock up on food, Trinity families continued to donate even on the last day our school was able to meet on campus. When Samaritan house came Friday to pick up the barrels, the food couldn’t fit and they needed some extra boxes and bags to get it all! Congratulations Trinity School on donating 272 items to low income elderly and others in need in our community!
Letters and Toiletries for Soldiers
Every grade in the school wrote letters and drew thankful pictures for members of our military deployed overseas. Letters were sent to Operation Care and Comfort and even now might be being read by our troops. Many Trinity families donated needed toiletry items. We didn’t quite get to assembling and sending the toiletry kits before we started home learning, but they will be put together and sent out as soon as we get back.
Honoring our Dinner Commitment
There are so many people in increasing need right now. Trinity families decided to honor our commitment to the families in transitional shelter at Life Moves and make them dinner. Many families contributed food and three of our families got together Saturday to chop, mix, cook, and present a wonderful dinner which they delivered to the shelter.
Still to Come
When we return to school, we will continue helping. Students in different grades will make cards for low income elderly, assemble the toiletry kits for our troops, put together crafts kits for Life Moves so they can have their own party, make lunches for people experiencing homelessness, and assemble activity kits for kids in the hospital.

Thanks, Trinity community for coming together with compassion, support, and flexibility to help so many in need around us.

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