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Kim Thacker

Helping Those Affected By the Fires

Bay Area Orange Sky

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – SEPTEMBER 9: Smoky skies from the northern California wildfires casts a reddish color in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group)

Last Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day for our first ever Service Leadership team meeting during the pandemic.

With the skies out everyone’s windows reminding us of people we are trying to help.  Students have been praying and asking how to help people affected by the fires, so we decided to have an optional Service Leadership Team meeting today to look at potential ways to help

What we found is the best way to help currently is to donate money, so we checked out some websites and are putting them out to our school community.  We wish we could do something fun like the bake sale we did to earn money for fire victims last year, but we want to help even if we don’t get to do an activity too.  Here are the Team’s recommendations if you are interested in donating.

“We can call this an early Penny Panic since we are putting it off this year until Spring.  Just like Penny Panic, students can earn their own money doing chores and things or use the money they have saved. (parents can donate too).

“We have found four organizations, some do really big things which are really helpful, and some do things that are kind of minor but still needed.  It is important to do big and small things because we want to help as much as we can.”

The California Wildfire Relief Fund and Global Giving for local relief to people who had to evacuate and/or lost homes:
Why: “People need places to stay, they don’t have anywhere, and it is hard with COVID to have shelters in places they might normally. People don’t have shelter and also don’t have food and water and everything else.”

California Fire Foundation 
Why: “They help firefighters and their families, firefighters are so important helping people and we should be grateful and their families deserve help too since they are helping other people.”

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter has been taking in pets for free during the fires.
Why: “We don’t want pets to be lost or to die because they help our community.  They cannot help themselves and need our help.”

Red Cross
Why: “This is a big major organization that takes care of lots of things in many places around the world.  They have experience and are giving shelter and food and other things for the fires.”

Service Learning is a foundational element of a Trinity School education. Read more about it here.

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