Where parents become friends.

You and your family value education. You seek an intimate community where your child is a robust learner, where they develop open-minded respect and active engagement with a diversity of thought, people, and places. At Trinity School you’ll find other parents who share the dreams you hold for your child. It is no wonder that some of these people have the potential to become your good friends.

The Board of Trustees upholds the mission of the School and ensures its integrity for our children’s children. It conducts regular strategic planning and provides valuable guidance to secure the School’s financial health. This includes fiscal well-being through fundraising, investment management, budgeting, and by providing appropriate buildings and grounds. Trustees give considerable time, energy, and commitment. Trinity School and its community are grateful to the Board of Trustees for its good work and generosity.

2021-22 Board of Trustees
  • Michelle Swenson, Chair
  • Christina Alataris, Vice Chair
  • Patrick Fu, Treasurer
  • Joel Conkling, Secretary
  • Dan Spors, St. Bede's Church
  • Robert Voyle, Trinity Church
  • Matt Allio, Head of School
  • Matthew Burt, TPA President
  • Christina Alataris
  • Joel Conkling
  • Patrick Fu
  • Tiffany Griego
  • Phil LaCroute
  • Jon Poe
  • Margaret Perrone
  • Kathy Sweeney
  • Monique VanderMark
  • Amy Voedisch

Trinity School operates on the campuses of two Episcopal churches in Menlo Park. The Lower Campus, housing the Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten Program, is located at Trinity Church. Kindergarten through Grade 5 resides at St. Bede’s Church. While sharing a long history of mutual commitment, the three institutions are separate corporations with individual nonprofit tax identification status.

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Molly, alumna

“I remember Graduation. I hated the day for what it was: the end of my Trinity journey. But at the same time it was amazing, standing up at the podium in Chapel, looking out at my friends and classmates, who had all believed in me during our Trinity journey. I understood that it had to come to an end, but we could still keep in touch. Here I am now, typing this from the other side of the country, still keeping in touch with my Trinity friends, my Trinity family.”

Molly, alumna