In January 2017, Head of School Mary Menacho announced to the Trinity School community her retirement effective June 30, 2018.

Our community is grateful for the many contributions Mary has made to Trinity School. Mary will complete her 23rd year as Head of Trinity School as of June 30, 2018.



October 17, 2017

Dear Trinity Community,

A curious mind. A discerning heart. Learning through engagement. The individual voice with a readiness to meet the future. Exploring faith through inquiry. Before I visited Trinity, these were just words and phrases I had read about the school. Upon arrival, and immersion, those words came alive….first and foremost with the students and faculty, held firmly in place by the leadership of Mary Menacho, and taking root in all the connected elements of the community. To say I was impressed, and inspired, would be an understatement.

It’s for this commitment to the ideal that I’m thrilled to become the next Head of School at Trinity. The foundation at Trinity is strong. It’s clear that academic excellence is the cornerstone of the school. Still, the academics don’t stand alone. Project based learning such as asking essential questions, service learning exemplified through the Heart of Trinity Awards, preparing students for now and equipping them for what is next, all inform the academic program. One of my roles will be to not only sustain the innovative curricular work and the whole child teaching practices of the faculty, but to collaborate with the faculty on how to continue to strengthen the academic program.

Is there work to do? Absolutely. Areas we should always work on are student admissions and retention as well as further supporting families in the particularly stressful process of middle school placement. Equally important, an Academic Dean of the highest caliber must be hired. I will be working closely with Mary and we will collaborate in recruiting the Academic Dean that merges his or her expertise with the mission and ethos of the Trinity Community.

I’m fully aware of the rare opportunity that Trinity presents: A small school where every child is known and known well, a passionate and expert faculty insisting on academic excellence for the whole child, a dedicated and tireless parent body, a strategic board, and an Episcopalian identity framing the experience. While my start date is July 1, 2018, my mind is focused on the commitment it will take to lead this exceptional school. Being on the threshold of this experience provides me with an abundance of excitement as we move forward together. I look forward to working with all of you.


Matt Allio