Welcome from Matt Allio, Head of School

As an educator I ask, how can our school construct an educational program and learning environment that enables students to make progress in their complex communities and world?  

At Trinity School, every single teacher, administrator, and staff member has a singular goal in mind:  The educational and social-emotional growth of each individual student is essential. However, and this is key, this individual growth naturally leads to and fosters a collective momentum leading to societal progress.  

Since 1961 the professionals at Trinity School have extended our expertise through our diverse range of experiences, to consistently strengthen, sustain, and refine our educational programs for children. The simple and often used statement is true:  children are our future. In our intentionally small school, we have the unique opportunity to create educational pathways to the future that shines brightly on the horizons of all our students.  Our partnerships with parents and families, and the larger communities surrounding our students places us all on the trailhead together as we embark on this remarkable journey.

The legacy of a Trinity education is a curious mind, a discerning heart, individual voice, and a readiness to meet the future.  These descriptors are not just tidy phrases that inform our mission. It is what we believe. It is an honor and privilege to be the Head of School at Trinity and to guide and witness the unfolding of this legacy.  This legacy begins and is apparent from the moment students take their first tentative and curious steps in the Preschool. And it continues through the indelible moments when confident grade five students present their speeches at graduation which vividly encapsulate the Trinity mission.

While our website provides a snapshot into an education at Trinity, a visit to campus provides the vignettes in action, the video.  I invite you to come and talk with us, visit and explore our campus, see the joy of learning in our students and teachers and be surrounded by the difference that Trinity School strives to make in every individual student, our community, and our world.

Board of Trustees
  • Michelle Swenson , Chair
  • Christina Alataris , Vice Chair
  • Patrick Fu , Treasurer
  • Joel Conkling , Secretary
  • Matt Allio , Head of School
  • Margaret Perrone , Trinity Church
  • Anne Vitullo , St. Bede's Church
  • Johanna Mahal , TPA Representative
  • Kathy Hansen Sweeney
  • Phil LaCroute
  • Monique VanderMarck
  • Ann Latta
  • Raj Jain
  • Micah Morris
  • Jon Poe
  • Amy Voedisch
  • Tiffany Griego
Monisha & Anup Singh, alumni parents

"Trinity provides a very loving and caring environment for our daughter. Not only is she learning and developing quickly in the classroom, but we love the community philosophy of the school which is shown through action."

Monisha & Anup Singh, alumni parents