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Upcoming Events
  • First Day of School
    First Day of School
    Date:August 19, 2020
    Location:Upper and Lower Campus
    Who:Whole School

    Blast off into the new year!

  • Back to School Night- Upper Campus
    Back to School Night- Upper Campus
    Date:September 10, 7:00-8:30 pm
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:Upper Campus Parents

    Parents are invited into the classroom to hear all about the year ahead. The evening starts in the Great Hall and then breaks into classrooms. Parental attendance is greatly encouraged! This is a child-free event.

  • Back to School BBQ
    Back to School BBQ
    Date:September 12, 4:30-7:00
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:All Trinity School Families

    Tentative Date

    The Back-to-School BBQ kicks off the school year with fun for every Trinity family! Parents enjoy meeting families across grades and from both campuses. Students love seeing their teachers on a Saturday, and alumni students return to help out with the fun. The TPA organizes the games, dinner, and a theme, where dressing up is highly encouraged! 


  • Blessing of the Animals – Upper Campus
    Blessing of the Animals – Upper Campus
    Date:October 2, 2020
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:Upper Campus Students

    In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology, we honor and bless all creatures great and small. Your favorite, well-behaved pet (breathing or stuffed) or a photograph of an animal that needs to stay home are all welcome. Animal friends must be leashed or caged appropriately. Arrive at school with your pet to be blessed for this courtyard Chapel service. Afterward, students go to class, live animals go home, and stuffed animals take a break in backpacks or cubbies until the end of the day.


    Lower Campus Blessing of the Animals is on Oct 1.

  • Book Fair
    Book Fair
    Date:October 19-23, 2020
    Location:Upper Campus: Library
    Who:Trinity Students + Parents

    Hooray for Books!

    Once a year, our library is transformed into a bookstore! A thoughtfully curated collection of the best books for children and adults will be available for purchase. A percentage of the proceeds go towards new books for the Trinity School library. Please come and show your support!

    Lower Campus hosts a Book Fair Day on Oct. 22nd in Trinity Hall.

    We partner with independent children’s bookstore, Hicklebee’s, for this event.

    artwork by Vanessa Gray
  • Halloween Carnival
    Halloween Carnival
    Date:Friday, October 30, 2020
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:Students + Parent Volunteers

    The Upper Campus Halloween celebration begins with a costume parade after lunch. Afterward, students participate in games, crafts, and fun as they move between spooky and spectacular stations. As with most Halloween celebrations, there aren’t many tricks but there are plenty of treats!