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There is always something new happening at Trinity. Check our calendar to stay up to date on daily activities and annual events.

Upcoming Events
  • Learning at Trinity
    Learning at Trinity
    Date:March 5, 8:30-10:00 a.m.
    Location:Upper Campus: Lehman Hall
    Who:All Parents

    Join this March community breakfast, where teachers present an in-depth examination of a part of the curriculum followed by community discussion and conversation. Learn how curricular topics  and concepts, such as writing, reading, math, problem-solving, and design thinking build from grade to grade as students grow and develop.

  • Family Engineering Night
    Family Engineering Night
    Date:March 6, 2019
    Location:Lehman Hall, Upper Campus
    Who:Upper Campus Families

    Join us for an evening of hands-on science and engineering exploration. Details to follow.

  • Design Thinking Day
    Design Thinking Day
    Date:March 22, 2019
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:Students + Parent Volunteers

    We face a community challenge in cross grade teams on this day. Engaging in a design thinking process, student teams build and present prototype solutions to the challenge. Cardboard, tape, glue and ideas from everyone on the team make for inventions you’ve never seen before!

  • Annual Benefit Celebration
    Annual Benefit Celebration
    Date:March 30, 2019
    Location:Hotel Nia, Menlo Park

    The annual Spring Benefit is produced and staffed by the Trinity Parent Association. The event is a time for both fun-raising and fund-raising. Each year’s event has a different theme and includes a night of dinner, silent auction, live auction, and entertainment.

    Detail and invitation coming soon.

  • SMARTSS Night
    SMARTSS Night
    Date:May 13, 2019 6:00-8:00
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:Students + Parents

    SMARTS Night features what students have accomplished over the course of the year in Science, Music, Art, Spanish, and Service Learning. Start with a walk through the Art Gallery and then the Specialists’ classrooms. You’ll top off the evening with a musical performance by all grades.

  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day
    Grandparents and Special Friends Day
    Date:May 13, 2019 8:00-10:45
    Location:Upper Campus
    Who:Grandparents and Special Friends

    A special morning during Celebrate Learning Week, students may invite grandparents or a special friend to share in their morning. Guests attend Chapel and spend an hour in the class with their student, followed by brunch in Lehman Hall. Parents don’t attend.