Learning in the classroom, engagement in the world.

Beyond the classroom, Trinity School makes an impact on the lives of our students’ families and the community around us. Through service learning, leadership opportunities, events, and after school enrichment and care, Trinity’s campuses are hubs for discovery as well as play.

Who are you?
How do you see me?
How are we the same?
How are we different?
What can we learn from each other?
What can we share with each other?
How can we work together to protect the earth and make living conditions better?


These questions drive service learning at Trinity School. Through the School’s innovative Student Teacher Leadership Team (STLT), students are encouraged to find ways to exercise their responsibility to others and to meet the needs of their community. Each quarter, Kindergarten through Grade 5 students volunteer to participate based on each individual’s demonstrated initiative, interest, and prior service. This group is charged with assessing who needs our help and how to best engage with them. Students develop a service project from conception to implementation and communicate it to the entire student body, bringing the community together to fulfill the idea.




  • Grade 5 produced reusable bags for the community to reduce plastic in the ocean
  • Grade 4 made hygiene kits for people in Haiti
  • Grade 3 researched more efficient thermostats for classrooms and purchased a rechargeable lawn mower for our field
  • Preschool 3 and 4 year olds made gifts for each other from recyclable materials
  • Every class made lunches for a local family shelter
  • Every class collected shoes for Haiti as well as money
  • Every class made learning games to share with our sister school in rural China
  • Every class had a sustainability job to help make Trinity School greener

Grade 5 students reflect upon their years of service learning, considering the values they have incorporated by interacting with other people, other organizations. Students honor organizations with the Heart of Trinity School Award in the areas of education, environment, animals, fitness, and peace. The award includes a donation and a medallion representing the Heart of Trinity School.

2017-18 Heart of Trinity School Award Recipients

World Crisis Award

Presented to: Pro Bono Net

We like how you are giving people another chance to start their lives over. You help refugees and give them their basic needs when they’re arriving in a new country. You make sure that all people are treated equally. Making people equal is so important. It shows everyone that they are not better than other people.

Thank you so much! You are like superheroes. You help so many people who need it the most. These people are so thankful that you helped them in times of need. We are as well. They are people like us. You didn’t have to help them, but you chose to out of caringness. We admire that and we are so appreciative. Thank you!”.



Eco World Award

Presented to: Environmental Defense Fund

A specific thing that we like about your organization is that you expand agriculture. This really helps our Earth, because, as you site states, the population of humans on earth may reach almost 10 billion people, which is a lot of mouths to feed. Meat farms produce a lot of methane, which contributes to global warming. We could really use a lot more agricultural fields. You really help our Earth and everyone on it.

Another specific thing you have done is controlling methane leaks when oil and gas are produced. Your company has taken control and reduced the amount of methane we use, which is vital to our Earth. You are a great role model for many other companies trying to reduce global temperatures rising.

Thank you for defending our environment and helping to make the world a better place, including in space. This year, Trinity School is donating $150.00, because we raised some extra money in Penny Panic. We hope that you succeed with all your projects.


Animal Compassion Award

Presented to: Peninsula Humane Society

We especially love how you help rescue abused animals and find them permanent homes. You help thousands of animals find long-lasting and loving homes.  Animals can’t help themselves and people are abusing them and abandoning them. We consider animals as friends and want to help them.

Another reason why we like the Humane Society is because they help all different types of animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, birds, horses, and frogs. All animals need love in their life.

Thank you again for all of your service and long hours to help animals in need. We hope that you will continue your great work for the animals. You have truly made a tremendous impact on the animal world.”

"When we worked on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I learned more about other people’s lives which opened up my heart and mind and helped me know more about what was going on outside of Trinity School’s small community."

Lucy, alumna