Learning in the classroom, engagement in the world.

Beyond the classroom, Trinity School makes an impact on the lives of our students’ families and the community around us. Through service learning, leadership opportunities, events, and after school enrichment and care, Trinity’s campuses are hubs for discovery as well as play.

Service Learning is threaded through a Trinity School education. Grade 5 students culminate their service-learning experience by reflecting on problems in the world and different ways to solve them. They research and choose organizations which represent core values of our school and present awards to them.

Students write award letters to these organizations explaining why they appreciate the work they are doing to help our world and people in need and how their work reflects the values of Trinity School. Each organization is given the award letter, a Trinity School medallion, and $100 from the Penny Panic money raised by Trinity students.  If they are local and able, organizations are invited to send a representative to receive the award, speak briefly to all Trinity students in chapel, and spend some time with questions and answers in Grade 5.

Heart of Trinity School Award Recipients & Letters to Them From Our Students

World Peace Award

Presented to: The Trevor Project

You are winning the World Peace Award because you help stop suicide, and also there is a lot of gender-based violence with LGBTQ+ people being the target of harassment. Therefore, educating people and helping LGBTQ+ people talk to their parents and friends encourages peace. We appreciate the fact that you help with a multitude of issues, like how you have links to websites for different problems people are facing, how round the clock you help people, and how you help with problems some organizations are too scared to address, like raising awareness about suicide. We also like how you can talk to one of the trained volunteers at any time you would like. We think this really makes people believe that someone wants them here in this world. Thank you for staying open 24 hours a day just to help people. Thank you for knowing the pain so many people feel in their hearts.”    

Eco Earth Award

Presented to: The Ocean Clean Up

“We like that your organization is cleaning up the garbage patches which are a huge problem on Earth. Your technology is actually helping clean them up, and it works. We hope your organization can clean up at least 50% of the garbage in the Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years, and also many of the other garbage patches in the ocean. We recognize your hard work and effort in saving the ocean, and most importantly, the world. We think this is important because the trash is killing the animals. You play an important role in keeping these creatures alive and well. The garbage is also preventing the water from reflecting UV rays and heat, which can increase the risk for several diseases, so you are lowering the risk of these illnesses for billions of people. Trinity school really appreciates what you do and how. We wish that everybody in the world would realize what an atrocious thing we are doing to the environment. We hope your work will continue with ease.”

World Crisis Award

Presented to: Peninsula Humane Society

“One of the topics our school values is the World Crisis category, as it’s such a vast and complicated problem, and we want to acknowledge the organizations who help with it. The huge crises involving refugees, poverty, education, and gender equality are vast issues, and your organization, World Vision, is helping with them. We especially like how you increase access to high-quality education, with special attention to girls and children with disabilities. Our school also really likes how your organization focuses on providing job training for parents so that they can support themselves and afford to send their children to school in years to come. This is very important and makes a difference as it helps families out of poverty. We also like how your organization works with men to help prohibit gender-based violence in families, child abuse, and child marriage. In conclusion, thank you for helping millions of people from all different backgrounds and making the world a better place. From serving 326 communities to reaching one new person with clean water every 10 seconds, your organization benefits the world in a remarkable way.

The Animal Compassion Award

Presented to: PAWS

“We have chosen PAWS because it saves wildlife as well as pets and this problem of abused animals should be addressed immediately because they are important just like other major problems. Trinity loves wildlife, house pets, and a plethora of animals. We appreciate that you rescue animals and put them through rehabilitation and adoption. This is important because many people think of animals as an unimportant species. You show that you care about them. That is amazing. You save so many innocent animals and you give them a chance to be happy in a new family. We also really like how you help wild animals too, saving them and nourishing them back to health. We hope that you continue the amazing work that you do for this world. You will make this world a great place for humans and animals.”


Who are you? How do you see me? How are we the same? How are we different? What can we learn from each other? What can we share with each other? How can we work together to protect the earth and make living conditions better?

These questions drive service-learning at Trinity School. Through the School’s innovative Student-Teacher Leadership Team (STLT), students are encouraged to find ways to exercise their responsibility to others and to meet the needs of their community. Each quarter, Kindergarten through Grade 5 students volunteer to participate based on each individual’s demonstrated initiative, interest, and prior service. This group is charged with assessing who needs our help and how to best engage with them.

Students develop a service project from conception to implementation and communicate it to the entire student body, bringing the community together to fulfill the idea.

Recent Culminating Projects Include:

  • Grade 5 researched and presented their findings on poverty and the impacts of education
  • Grade 4 educated the school on factors that lead to animal endangerment.
  • Grade 3 researched the Syrian refugee crisis and helped to lead a large scale simulation.
  • Grade 2 students adopted and donated to animals in need.
  • Grade 1 raised awareness of the rainforest and donated to organizations supporting restoration work
  • Kindergarten collected 79 coats for those in need.
  • Preschool 3 and 4-year-olds made gifts for each other from recyclable materials
  • Every class raised money in response to the Napa Fires.

"When we worked on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I learned more about other people’s lives which opened up my heart and mind and helped me know more about what was going on outside of Trinity School’s small community."

Lucy, alumna