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  • A Pathway to Activism
    A Pathway to Activism

    Graduation 2019 At the Fifth Grade graduation this past June,  I asked two seemingly simple questions: What is your education used for? What does “status quo” mean? Many of the students – and even some of the families gathered together …

  • The Rhythm of the School Year: Celebration of Learning
    The Rhythm of the School Year: Celebration of Learning

    Next week, Celebration of Learning begins at Trinity. I wanted to take some time to share why it matters, and how it fits into the Trinity academic year. In my case, the school year is all I’ve ever known. I …

  • Matriculation and the Mind of a Fifth Grader
    Matt Allio
    Matriculation and the Mind of a Fifth Grader

    It’s March, and our fifth graders began receiving their middle school admissions decisions last Friday afternoon. It was a very strong admissions season for Trinity, and we are so proud of each and every one of our students. As I …

  • The Carnegie Hall Moment
    Head of School
    The Carnegie Hall Moment

    Last Friday, I went to my first Trinity Talent Show. It can be easy, in the day-to-day, to see a Talent Show for what it is on the surface – a few hours of fun, of laughing, of a change …

  • Mid Year Update
    Matt Allio
    Mid Year Update

    As I write this, it’s January 16th, and I’m stuck on a layover in Denver, Colorado while returning from observing an Outdoor Education program in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (more on this later). Flight delays aren’t good for much, but this …

  • In One Second
    Matt Allio
    In One Second

    As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I can’t help but reflect on my own Thanksgiving experiences and those of our families at Trinity. My children are now grown. Nicole is 32 and recently moved from Washington, D.C. to Sacramento. She …

  • Matriculation
    Matt Allio

    One of the more interesting parts of my role at Trinity is the confluence of admissions and matriculation. This week, on Wednesday, amplified this confluence.   At 9:00 on Wednesday, I joined the admissions tour led by Kirk Gossman with …

  • Two Schools: Altruism and Technology
    Head of School
    Two Schools: Altruism and Technology

    In 1991, I was attending graduate school in New York City. I don’t think I’ll ever forget October that year as I was one of the first to order a Macintosh Classic. I ordered it from a computer store in …

  • Voice and Resilience
    Mary Menacho
    Voice and Resilience

    “Trinity gives each child a voice.” These strong words open our School’s mission statement. Day by day, activity by activity, teachers live out these words in their interactions with students. Teachers’ work with students is not only to give them …

  • Community – Our Gift to Our Children
    Mary Menacho
    Community – Our Gift to Our Children

    I see it in your faces. I love it in your children. The tangible goodwill we hold for each other creates the school world our children thrive in as this year begins.   Are you new to the Trinity School …