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  • Matriculation
    Matt Allio

    One of the more interesting parts of my role at Trinity is the confluence of admissions and matriculation. This week, on Wednesday, amplified this confluence.   At 9:00 on Wednesday, I joined the admissions tour led by Kirk Gossman with …

  • Two Schools: Altruism and Technology
    Head of School
    Two Schools: Altruism and Technology

    In 1991, I was attending graduate school in New York City. I don’t think I’ll ever forget October that year as I was one of the first to order a Macintosh Classic. I ordered it from a computer store in …

  • Voice and Resilience
    Mary Menacho
    Voice and Resilience

    “Trinity gives each child a voice.” These strong words open our School’s mission statement. Day by day, activity by activity, teachers live out these words in their interactions with students. Teachers’ work with students is not only to give them …

  • Community – Our Gift to Our Children
    Mary Menacho
    Community – Our Gift to Our Children

    I see it in your faces. I love it in your children. The tangible goodwill we hold for each other creates the school world our children thrive in as this year begins.   Are you new to the Trinity School …

  • Trinity’s Promise from Generation to Generation
    Mary Menacho
    Trinity’s Promise from Generation to Generation

    Rachel Siegman, Class of 2005, used to babysit for McKenna Barlow, Class of 2009, who used to tutor Lucia, Class of 2017. These Trinity ladies got together this week to share a bit about their Trinity times. Enjoy their conversation! …

  • Begin Again
    Mary Menacho
    Begin Again

    “Always we begin again.”* I love these encouraging words for our community and for myself as we launch 2017 at Trinity School. For our children, beginning again requires patience as we Wake up earlier than maybe we have been Connect again with …

  • Enough Courage
    Mary Menacho
    Enough Courage

    We officially enter the holiday season. Offers, deals, expectations, traditions, and politically charged transitional times are upon us. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. Courage, with its roots in heart, is something that both comes from …

  • 3 Ways We Belong to Each Other
    Mary Menacho
    3 Ways We Belong to Each Other

    Three examples of our core values of Trinity School’s community and culture were alive in Grade 2 recently. Learning. Diversity. Compassion. Learning: Every adult and every child in the Trinity School community is a learner. We value, no we cherish, education and …

  • There Be Screens – What’s a Parent to Do?
    Mary Menacho
    There Be Screens – What’s a Parent to Do?

    Let’s face it. Screens are a part of children’s lives. Screens babysit, entertain, EDUCATE, create, challenge, connect and console us. And though many feel a little bereft when we can’t find our phones, we have questions about our children and …