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  • Trinity Still Helps Big
    Kim Thacker
    Trinity Still Helps Big

    By Kim Thacker, Service Learning Coordinator Anticipation Trinity students, parents, and staff were excited to organize and participate in Trinity’s very first Big Help Day, a day of serving and giving to people in need in our community. As we …

  • Learning at Trinity
    Matt Allio
    Learning at Trinity

    As I’ve said before, there is a rhythm to the school year. March, which places us just over 100 days into school, is an immersive time – well past the transitions of the Fall and before the reflections of Spring. …

  • Big Help Day: What’s In a Day of Service?
    Head of School
    Big Help Day: What’s In a Day of Service?

    On Saturday, March 14th, I’m excited to announce that Trinity will hold its first ever “Big Help Day.” Big Help Day is a day inspired by service to our community. Volunteers, including students, parents and caregivers, will gather to help …

  • Inspiring Action During the Holidays and Beyond
    Matt Allio
    Inspiring Action During the Holidays and Beyond

    Nearly every morning, I walk to Chapel with all of our students. I look forward to this time when we gather together and mindfully consider a range of topics – from concepts of patience, love, and tolerance, to stories from …

  • Tower Building
    Sue Krishna
    Tower Building

    This morning Mason shared he had been to a “learning” museum over the weekend. We asked him what he had learned on his visit. Mason- I learned how to make towers Teacher: what did you use to make towers? Mason-Just …

  • Early Childhood Learning Story
    Sue Krishna
    Early Childhood Learning Story

    We often talk about the importance of documentation as an integral component of our environment. Documentation in the classroom brings transparency and visibility to how young children learn and how teachers facilitate and extend the learning process. Documentation can take …

  • Crafting a Design Thinking Program
    Matt Allio
    Crafting a Design Thinking Program

    I’m thrilled that we’ve built Design Thinking into a full class this year at Trinity. Led by Alex Williams, our Design Thinking Instructor and Maker Space Coordinator, students are solidifying their ability to collaborate, experiment, accomplish – and, importantly – …

  • The Importance of Student Involvement in Conferences
    Colette Mc Williams
    The Importance of Student Involvement in Conferences

    The onset of cooler weather reminds us that Fall is in full swing, and believe it or not, Parent-Teacher Conferences on the Upper Campus are right around the corner. I love conferences – not only because it’s a time when …

  • Lunch Time Learning Series
    Katy Roybal
    Lunch Time Learning Series

    Webinar Series: Join us for one or all! If you are curious about teaching and learning at Trinity School, we invite you to spend half an hour with our teachers without leaving the comforts of home or your office. The …

  • Trinity’s Greenhouse and the Giving Cycle
    Matt Allio
    Trinity’s Greenhouse and the Giving Cycle

    It’s late September, just a week away from the Trinity Annual Fund kickoff, and I’m standing in the doorway of our Upper Campus greenhouse with Ralph Ackermann, our Science and Garden teacher, and Jesus Jiminez, a hydroponics specialist. Tucked into …