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  • Virtual Book Fair – Oct 19-23
    Virtual Book Fair – Oct 19-23

    Link to Shop the Trinity School Book Fair Use the Code: TrinityBookFair2020 at Checkout Book Fair FAQ’s Mrs. Maxwell’s Zoom Room 7:30 TONIGHT!!   Questions – Contact Heather Maxwell –

  • Learning Story: H and His Planets
    Lady Reyes
    Learning Story: H and His Planets

    Allow me to introduce you to “H”. He loves planets and carries a planet book everywhere he goes. We were playing outdoors this morning and I observed him collecting all the balls he could find. He worked hard to place them …

  • Helping Those Affected By the Fires
    Kim Thacker
    Helping Those Affected By the Fires

    Last Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day for our first ever Service Leadership team meeting during the pandemic. With the skies out everyone’s windows reminding us of people we are trying to help.  Students have been praying and …

  • Geo Bee
    Trinity Zine Author
    Geo Bee

    National Geographic GeoBee  Everyone study up for the GeoBee! What: The GeoBee is like a spelling bee but instead of spelling, it is about geographical topics. All the questions are on a global scale.  When: Friday, January 16 at 1:00 …

  • Siblings at Trinity
    Trinity Zine Author
    Siblings at Trinity

    At Trinity, a lot of kids here have siblings. Eliza and Jay are a pair of siblings that help each other out all the time. One of our recent Trinity Zine articles is by Jay and Eliza. This is great …

  • How to make Dogman finger puppets
    Trinity Zine Author
    How to make Dogman finger puppets

    Learn to make Dogman finger puppets! In the end, they will resemble the real dogman characters. This is a fun and creative craft to do after school or on the weekend! You can change the puppets to your favorite characters. …

  • The History of Trinity School
    Trinity Zine Author
    The History of Trinity School

    Hello! I want to tell you some old facts about the history of Trinity!  First I will be telling you about the beginning. Trinity was built in 1961 and was just a hill and that is how the staircase came …

  • A Drawing Tutorial
    A Drawing Tutorial

    How to draw an elephant. By Ilsa and Anya

  • The Book Fair is Coming!
    The Book Fair is Coming!

    Friday Preview Day: October 11th, 8am to 3pm Monday – Thursday: October 15-18th, 8am to 3pm Friday: October 12th, 8am to 10am  See you in the library!! Each year, the library is transformed into an amazing bookstore filled with a …

  • Thumbelina

    Story by an Early Childhood Student ​This week, one of our Transitional Kindergarten students told us a story… “Once upon a time, Thumbelina was very excited because she went on a trip and they got there very fast. The trip …