Jasmine Eubanks

Jasmine Eubanks

Early Childhood Program Teacher
Year started at trinity:2020
Years in education:6+
Degree Obtained:

B.A University of California Merced, ECE Canada College

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me… A Teacher who inspired me was my middle school Teacher Ms.V. She had a way of exploring activities with such excitement and taught lessons through games and with interactive materials. Her passion for her job is what peeked my interest in Education, and I thank her for it.

I Teach Because… I teach so that I might one day change a life and so that as I teach my students and help them grow, they may also teach me.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… I am really passionate about my my family, friends, hiking and zumba.

Favorite Spot on Campus: My favorite spot on campus is the beautiful court yard and rose garden. Love the open space and all the places to sit and take a deep breath.

Pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers