Alicia Liew

Alicia Liew

Teacher Assistant
Year started at trinity:2018
Years in education:5
Degree Obtained:

BA, San Francisco State University

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: All of my teachers have been such an inspiration to me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a number of passionate teachers who provided me with a safe and nurturing learning environment where each student is praised for their own uniqueness and individuality. Without a doubt, my teachers have been some of my greatest mentors!

A Trinity Student Is… creative, excited to learn, motivated, compassionate, and kind.

I Teach Because… our children are our future. I want to help my students become outstanding little citizens who will better their world around them.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… traveling and exploring new places. Spontaneous trips are my favorite!

Favorite Spot on Campus: The garden. The students get to experience the magic that happens when they plant a seed and watch it grow.