Caitlin Polini

Caitlin Polini

Teaching Assistant
Year started at trinity:2021
Years in education:1
Degree Obtained:

AS, Business Administration, West-Valley Mission College

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A teacher who inspired me was… Christine Ma. I took her introduction to research methods at San Jose State University in the spring of 2020. I was never interested in research methods but unfortunately, it was a requirement for my major. What inspired me was her passion for teaching and how she engaged all of her students in the subject by creating a fun and judgement free class environment.

Why do you teach? I enjoy being a teaching assistant because I get to help students become more confident in themselves and also get to help them discover abilities they didn’t know they had or were too scared to explore.

Something I am passionate about outside of education is… gardening, reading and animals.

Favorite spot on campus: The nature path and the garden. Whenever I am in nature, I feel a sense of peace which helps me recollect my thoughts and stay grounded.

Preferred Pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers