Dina Glendening

Dina Glendening

Music Teacher
Year started at trinity:2014
Years in education:22
Degree Obtained:

MM, University of Michigan

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This I Believe

I am very passionate about evolving the way music is taught. Every individual has a creative and unique musical spirit. When music is introduced through exploration and discovery, a natural curiosity is allowed to flourish. This curiosity then feeds our motivation to hone and master melodic and rhythmic elements of music through ‘play.’ In the group setting, students are encouraged to improvise with musical patterns throughout the learning process, offering each other a collaborative and supportive group dynamic in which to grow. My goal as a teacher is to foster the natural musical and artistic spirit in each student, offering a foundation of fundamentals that can be expanded in their own chosen way.


Fun Facts

A Teacher Who Inspired Me: William Whitson, founder of the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra. He inspired many young people to discover the joy that comes from working hard and truly listening to each other. There was never a question of whether we could do something or not, it was always how and why.

A Trinity Student Is… intrinsically curious

I Teach Because: To inspire others in the process of discovering their own passions

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… cycling, mountaineering, and humane treatment of all animals.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The sanctuary/chapel – so many good memories take place there, and the way sound resonates is very beautiful.