Heidi Gonzalez

Heidi Gonzalez

Early Childhood Program Teacher
Year started at trinity:2016
Years in education:5
Degree Obtained:

B.A. Business Management and Early Childhood Education at Cañada College

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: My fourth-grade teacher Mr. Kroger he always made learning fun. Math was always one of my favorite subjects but then we learned division and I just couldn’t get it he helped me understand the process and that made me realize how import teachers are and what a difference they really.

A Trinity Student Is… curious and eager to learn.

I Teach Because…  I want to make a difference in a child’s life I love the moment when a child gets excited with his or her accomplishments and to know that I helped them make it possible is just the best feeling!

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… Spending time with my family I have a baby girl and she is growing so fast!

Favorite Spot on Campus: is the art studio because I like that there are no limits to creativity, the possibilities are endless!