Kim Thacker

Kim Thacker

Religious Studies, Service Learning Teacher, and Teaching Assistant
Year started at trinity:2009
Years in education:18
Degree Obtained:

PhD Fuller Seminary, MDiv Fuller Seminary; BA Notre Dame de Namur University

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: My 8th grade English teacher challenged me not to just turn in products that were “good enough,” but instead to edit and deepen my work. He increased my word choice and ability to understand and convey different people’s points of view.

I Teach Because… I like encouraging students to seek out ways to understand, reach out, and serve others using the best of their unique gifts and passions. I love students’ honest and deep questions about God, spirituality, and religion and to facilitate respectful and thoughtful discussions.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is…hiking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The nature path because at times it is a peaceful place where I can center and pray and at other times it is filled with laughter, creativity, and connection.

Pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers