Kirk Gossman

Kirk Gossman

Director of Enrollment and Matriculation
Year started at trinity:2017
Years in education:4
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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: My 7th-grade history teacher, Mrs. Greene inspired me to learn in a way that best suited me. She encouraged me to think outside of the box and look for the road less traveled.

Why do you Teach? My work at Trinity School is a direct desire to share the amazing experience we had as a family with other families looking for the “just right” fit for their family. I was a parent at Trinity School for 6 years before joining the administration and know first hand the benefits of a small, inclusive environment.

Something I am passionate about outside of education is… family time.

Favorite Spot on Campus: I love the balcony in front of the art room. From that vantage point, I can see the entire campus and during recess, can hear all the joy happening.

Pronouns: He/ Him/ His