Krystin Neuenfeldt

Krystin Neuenfeldt

Kindergarten Teacher
Year started at trinity:2016
Years in education:10
Degree Obtained:

AA Early Childhood Education/Human Development/Liberal Studies and current Education student

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: My 6th grade teacher Ms. Wilson. I struggled as a learner and she took the the time to make it make sense to me. She found ways to make learning tangible, fun, and engaging. She was so nurturing and kind. I strive to be an educator like her.

I Teach Because: For the ah ha moments and the small everyday connections. I love seeing the world through a child eye.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is: family, friends, my puppy Chulo, and cooking

My Favorite Spot on Campus: The top of the big stairs. I love the view of our beautiful campus.

Preferred pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers