Lady Reyes

Lady Reyes

Early Childhood Program Teacher
Year started at trinity:2019
Years in education:4
Degree Obtained:

Associate's Degree, Cañada College,

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: My son’s preschool teacher, Teacher Adriana, saw potential in me when volunteering in her classroom and encouraged me to take ECE classes just to explore the subject. It fascinated me so much that I continued taking classes, to this day. All of my professors at Cañada have also encouraged me to continue with my career, especially professor Patty Hall and Sarita Santos. Their enthusiasm is contagious and so is their knowledge.

A Trinity Student Is… blissful, creative, inquisitive, and especially loving. Sometimes silly, which makes the day much more joyful.

I Teach…  not exactly to help students learn something new but to help students develop their potential using what they already know and building on from there. Teaching is my passion, but more than teaching, my passion is to cover the educational needs of each student becoming their friend first and their teacher soon after.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… helping my community. I like volunteering for events that will benefit the residents, especially low-income families. Events like food drives, toy distribution, care packages for the homeless, and school events for parent development. I also really enjoy crafting, which comes in handy when working with children.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The water fountain in front of the music room. I like it here because the sound of the water gives me inner peace and I feel in sync with the air, the water, and nature. Sitting there revitalizes my energy and focus.