Linda Rutherford

Linda Rutherford

Grade 1 Lead Teacher
Year started at trinity:2013
Years in education:19
Degree Obtained:

MS Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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This I Believe

I believe that children are controlling their own path and I aim to be a guide as they navigate through both the academic and social portions of a given school day.  I have chosen a profession where I never need to worry of growing old and bored. Since starting in education in 2001, my students have given me an energy that rivals only that of my own children at home. Ever since dressing up as a teacher at my own second grade Future Day, I know I’ve made the right choice in a rewarding, exciting, and challenging career.



Fun Facts

A Teacher Who Inspired Me: Marion Russo was an art teacher and beloved colleague many years ago. She inspired many to put community above all else for a truly successful personal and professional life. She smiled often, adored her colleagues and students, and was a supportive model in teaching me how to balance work and life after the birth of my first child.

A Trinity Student Is… always changing and learning to be their true self.

I Teach Because…  I teach to guide these tiny humans into making choices that are wise for their particular path.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… Spending quality time with my friends, family, and beloved beagle.

Favorite Spot on Campus: the upper terrace. The view from the top of the stairs is beautiful, my favorite conversations with Grade One friends happen around the snack tables, and I often run into colleagues for a quick chat in this busy area.