Matt Allio

Matt Allio

Head of School
Year started at trinity:2018
Years in education:36
Degree Obtained:

MA California State University, Northridge and Teachers College, Columbia University

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A Teacher Who Inspired Me: My 7th-grade teacher, Mr. Lipseh. Although I didn’t always see it at the time, I later realized that he recognized, nurtured and celebrated the genius in each of his students. The genius could be artistic, mathematical, linguistic, athletic, musical, literary or many, many other forms of student genius.

A Trinity Student Is… Prepared, resourceful, eager and happy to learn, questioning, balanced, empathetic.

I Teach…With the understanding that education takes place in a social context. Knowledge with a social context, a place for applicability and relevance, with an emphasis on making progress in our communities, keeps me inspired to teach.

Something I am Passionate About Outside of Education is… World cultures

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Nature Path. I like this space because the aesthetics and views prompt reflection and how thoughtful the school was in designing every aspect of this space.