Pal Thinnappan

Pal Thinnappan

Director of IT
Year started at trinity:2010
Years in education:12
Degree Obtained:

MS, National University, San Jose

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A teacher who inspired me was… Dr. Swami – When I made mistakes he pointed out to me the problems and challenged me and pushed me hard to come up in life.

A teacher who inspired me was… I enjoy having the satisfaction of seeing young people learn. Plus, I like to be able to make a positive contribution to society by working in a school. I show students that if you work hard, you can accomplish nearly any goal.

Something I am passionate about outside of education is… hiking and traveling. 

Favorite spot on campus: Just outside the Aerie Room (Art classroom). I like being able to enjoy all the colors of the day.

Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ His