Yonas Kameda

Yonas Kameda

Music Teacher
Year started at trinity:2021
Years in education:12
Degree Obtained:

BM, University of Oregon

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A teacher who inspired me was… my 8th Grade teacher, Mr Zima. He was my Language Arts teacher and also the coach of our schools Tae Kwon Do team. When I first sat in his class I can remember being put off by how strict he appeared to be. He was a no nonsense teacher for sure but he also had a passion in life that flowed into his teaching and everything he did. His drive made me want to excel both in the classroom and in life.

Why do you teach? Watching youth discover a passion for music is a joy like no other.

Something I am passionate about outside of education is… mountain biking, hiking, reading, cooking, and of course both playing and listening to music.

Favorite spot on campus: The Nature Trail, It gives me a chance to take a walk amongst our beautiful trees and collect my thoughts.

Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ His