Our Commitment to Philanthropy

Trinity School is, both literally and figuratively, in a unique position for an independent school. Across the street from Stanford University on Sand Hill Road and adjacent to downtown Menlo Park and Silicon Valley, we occupy 5.5 acres on both campuses.  On our campuses, we sit at the crossroads of innovation and social consciousness.  The Trinity faculty educates the next generation of innovative, empathetic difference makers and leaders.  This happens because of an exemplary academic program, one cultivated by a sense of social equity and a knowledge of the Episcopal framework.  The generosity of our families, demonstrated by the Annual Fund, enables the faculty and leadership at Trinity to imagine the student role at the school and in society.  Thank you, everyone, for your generosity and for being on this seminal journey with us.

For further instructions or any questions, please contact Alison McKee amckee@trinity-mp.org.



Annual Fund Campaign

It is true that the exemplary education your child receives at Trinity School exceeds the cost of tuition. It is true that your gifts support the people and programs that make Trinity School special. Your Annual Fund contribution ensures the financial health of the school you chose for your child, meaning, that beyond the basics covered by tuition, Trinity can fully realize our mission:

  • to give your child a voice.
  • to guide your child to self-discovery.
  • to celebrate your child’s growth in critical thinking, character development, and social responsibility.

Your gift is also tax-deductible as Trinity School is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Faculty Venture Grant

For the 2020 – 2021 academic year, there are two vital parts of our Faculty Venture Grant funding.  As with the rest of the world, we are living with the impact of Covid-19 and optimized our learning environment in light of the implications.  This will take additional faculty training to maximize the health and safety of our students and equip the teachers in the best possible methodologies in what will be an altered learning environment.  In addition to Covid-19 training, equally important will be increased and intentional training for the faculty regarding diversity, inclusion, anti-bias, and unconscious bias areas.  The form of this training will be through the use of consultants, workshops and seminars, and identifying leadership, individually and collectively to combat systematic racism and social/financial inequality.

Annual Benefit and Celebration

The Annual Benefit and Celebration is produced and staffed by the Trinity Parent Association. The event is a time for both fun-raising and fund-raising. Each year’s event has a different theme and includes a night of dinner, silent auction, live auction, and entertainment.


Trinity School celebrates diversity across our students, families, and staff.  Since 1961, the school has encouraged economic diversity – allowing hundreds of students to benefit from a Trinity education through our financial assistance program.  The Fund-A-Need event held during our Spring Benefit raises funds to build our endowment that changes lives for good. This is especially true this year as we examine financial inequality in society and we work with families who may face financial hardship due to Covid-19.  Approximately 15% of Trinity students are supported by our financial assistance program.

Current Family

Trinity has given my child the opportunities I could only dream of. Trinity has greatly influenced the trajectory of my child's life. They are now on a path that can lead to truly wonderful life outcomes. I give because I am truly thankful to Trinity.

Current Family

Make your gift with a credit card through our secure online giving form. If you would like to make your payment over time, you can arrange a monthly or quarterly recurring gift. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Giving Now 

Questions? – please contact Alison McKee.


Checks made payable to Trinity School can be mailed to:

2650 Sand Hill Rd

Menlo Park, CA 94025


In the notes: Indicate a Fund(s) you want to support. Questions? – please contact Alison McKee.


Gifts of stocks, bonds, and other appreciated securities allow donors to avoid paying capital gains taxes as well as qualify for a charitable deduction.

To make a gift of securities, please contact Alison McKee.

Corporate Matching

Corporate matching of personal donations contributes approximately $40,000 every year to Trinity School’s Annual Fund Campaign and it is an easy and effective way of raising additional dollars. Visit Double the Donation to search for your company’s name and learn details about their matching program.

Use the Double the Donation tool to find out if your employer matches gifts.

Questions? – please contact Alison McKee.

Gifts in Kind

Trinity welcomes appropriate non-cash contributions of goods or services that support the educational mission of the school or can be liquidated by the school to advance its educational mission. 

Questions? – please contact Alison McKee.


We love our volunteers! Volunteering is an expression of your interest and commitment to your child’s school life and showing your support of Trinity’s mission and core values. As your children watch parents/guardians, grandparents, and alumni generously give of their time and talent, they learn the importance of giving back and getting involved. Volunteering at the school provides many benefits and provides an insight into the school: who the staff, teachers, and volunteer leaders are, how the mission is carried out each day, and witness the impact of their philanthropy. 


Hariri Family

“The faculty and leadership of the school have created a special environment in which students thrive together as they partake in their first robust, long-term community building exercise that will have lasting impacts on who they become as they mature. It is a beautiful dynamic to watch.”

Hariri Family