We appreciate your continued support of the students of Trinity School.

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What is the Benefit?

What is the Trinity Annual Benefit?

A: The Annual Benefit is one of Trinity’s largest fundraising events of the year. It’s also a time when we come together as a community for some fun. This year, we are reimagining this event, keeping the health and safety of our community first and foremost in our minds.  

This year’s theme is, “The Gatsby Gala,” based on the book The Great Gatsby.

When is the Benefit?

Details coming soon

What is the Attire?


How do I donate an item to the Benefit?

Please let Anya at benefit@trinity-mp.org know what you’d like to donate. You can drop off the item at the School Office, or let the Benefit Committee know what you plan on donating so that they can track it. Once you’ve made a donation, you will receive paperwork so that you can account for the item for tax purposes. If you need any help with that process, please contact our Director of Development, Anya Chernykh-Hodges achernykh@trinity-mp.org.

Please note that item donations close on February 14th, 2020.

Please reach out to Anya if you would like suggestions for what to donate or view our wish list here.

How Can I Bid?

There are two primary ways to bid on items at the Benefit:

  • Silent Auction. Bid on items at various tables on the night of the Benefit. The highest bidder at the end of the silent auction period wins the item.
  • Live Auction. Larger items, like trips and experiences, can be bid on during the Live Auction. Our auctioneer will accept bids from people at the Benefit, the highest bidder wins the item.
What is the Silent Auction?

Our silent auction is hosted online, bidding takes place exclusively through a website and mobile app (details to follow). The silent auction will open on March 13th and has two methods for “winning” an item: Sign Up (purchase a limited spot at a set price) and Silent Bidding (bid against other buyers – highest bid wins!)

Here are the types of Silent Auction items that will available for purchase:

• Events, Items, and Experiences: Generous donors have put together an incredible array of amazing offerings. (Silent Bidding)

Trinity Treasures: These treasures are exclusive to Trinity School. They range from a special parking spot to one of a kind experiences for a select student.  (Silent Bidding)

Class Parties: Parent volunteers from each class will host a party that is offered exclusively for the families in that particular class. Our intention is that all families will attend.  (Sign Up open to all families in the class)

Parties for Children: We will offer a variety of parties for children to attend. The Trinity School Staff have created a range of options that we hope will be engaging and fun for all ages. (Sign Up-limited number of spots)

Parties for Adults: Parent donors plan and host a wide range of parties. We hope that all parents will feel welcome to purchase a slot to attend. These can be a wonderful way to meet and engage with fellow families in a more intimate setting. (Sign Up-limited number of spots)


What is the Live Auction?

The Live Auction offers trips and packages that will be exclusively offered at the Benefit on March 28th.  At the event, guests will receive a paddle. A professional auctioneer will guide this portion of the evening.

What is Fund-A-Need?

Fund-A-Need supports our endowment – allowing us to continually enrich diversity and make Trinity School an affordable option for committed families. A professional auctioneer will guide this portion of the evening.

Can I bid or participate in Fund-A-Need if I can’t be at the event?

If you are interested in bidding on a Live item or would like to participate in Fund-A-Need, please contact Trinity’s Director of Development, Anya Chernykh-Hodges achernykh@trinity-mp.org before March 28th. Thank you!

The Online Auction is open to all

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