It’s a special year for Trinity: our 60th anniversary. A time to reflect on decades of academic curiosity, excellence, and our community. Individual classes may graduate, but their stories live on in our classrooms, on our fields, and in the values we live each day.

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Ours is not the only anniversary in 2021. Exactly 500 years ago, Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, bringing about the Reformation. On a different continent, enslaved Africans arrived in the American colonies, forever altering our national identity. 160 years ago, Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated, and 20 years ago, of course, we remember 9/11.

The impacts of each are staggering in their historical significance. But their importance is not simply in the “fact” as I’ve typed it above; a stark description against a backlit screen, but rather in the billions of stories encapsulated within. Those of the people, places, and things that made the time significant, piercing the glass facade of what was status quo and shattering the assumptions that came before. 

What, then, is a small independent school’s 60th anniversary, when framed by the enormity of these events? Seemingly the tiniest of pebbles in a vast outcropping.

But in actuality, our 60th anniversary can be measured in exactly the same way. In the six decades of stories that have made our school what it is today. We have 60 years of personalized, intricate narratives. 60 years of families whose stories have circled the globe. 60 years of reminiscences about beloved faculty. 60 years of observations as society has transformed around us. 60 years of graduation of Trinity which is over 800 graduates.

Through this lens, we are hardly a pebble: we are our own, unique anthology. We are a rock for our students – past, present, and, importantly, future. As we reflect deeply upon the evolution of our school, we must continue to be that reliably solid moving forward. There are many things that contribute to this, and our yearly Annual Fund is one of the most important.

Almost every independent school, and many local public schools, have an Annual Fund. What sets Trinity apart is that we have been lucky enough to achieve 100% participation for our Annual Fund across our entire community for the last 14 years. 

Our operating budget is about $5.1 million. Tuition and investment income represent approximately 78% of that budget;

  • ~13% of the $5.1 million operating budget comes from giving, including the Annual Fund with Faculty Venture Grants and Spring Benefit;
  • The Annual Fund is by far the biggest piece of Trinity Giving.

The Annual Fund allows us to: 

  • Provide financial aid for exceptional students, regardless of circumstance; 
  • Allocate funding for a specific Social and Emotional Learning initiative with the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning which fosters student growth in our complex world;
  • Start an initiative on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Blink Consulting which furthers our students understandings in our interconnected and diverse world;
  • Hire additional Teaching Assistants to further refine academic differentiation among students.
  • Create a Learning Support Program, including transitioning in the new position of Learning Specialist to meet the needs of all learners.

Simply put, the Annual Fund takes a Trinity education even further. It allows Trinity to continue to be a place where the individual is celebrated, where problem solvers are nurtured, and where curiosity thrives. The place, in fact, that it has always been, and will be for decades to come. A rock.

A place where stories bridge our past and lead to our future.  Trinity at 60 years.